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In my work, I utilize glass and light to reveal both the inside and outside, while simultaneously providing a perspective of volume allowing me to work or affect the medium of perception. Glass, water and light both have material contradictions that interest me, such as amorphous solids and electromagnetic radiation. These material contradictions provide elusive appearances of solidity. For instance, the amorphous structure of glass is temperature sensitive allowing it to appear solid though its particles are in motion. Glass shares similarities with water. When water is contained it appears as a solid mass generating movement with currents beneath its surface. Water is considered amorphous or crystalline dependant upon its temperature state. Quantum mechanics defines light as containing wave particle duality, making it a continuous field of waves, as well as a stream of light particles. It was Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 that defined, mass (m) and kinetic energy (E) are equal, since the speed of light (c2) is constant. Meaning Light’s mass can be changed into energy, and energy can be changed into mass.