Kimberly Watters received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in glass sculpture and Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. Her passion for teaching and glass has provided many opportunities to share her knowledge with students as well as her community.

Continuing her path as a distinguished artist, she has studied glass in Murano, Italy, Penland School of Crafts, and received her Master of Fine Arts in sculpture dimensional studies at Alfred University, New York. Currently, Kimberly is an Assistant Professor of Art at Beacon College in Leesburg Florida.

She is driven to create by the innate desire to communicate, problem solve, build, tear down and challenge conventional methods, in order to make her world a more meaningful and interesting place.

As a sculptor she fills space with ideas of simplicity and order creating an empty that utilizes warmth and memory leaving one free to reflect and fill a space of their own.